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Santander offers one of the best financial services in the UK. The company provides the largest savings products along with mortgages and it continues to grow commercial businesses that support the needs of most banking services in the United Kingdom. They have focused on commercial and retail banking and have delivered consistent and consistent financial outcome that are committed to giving the highest quality of service to its clients.

It consists of thousands of employees catering to 25 million customers and 1.6 million shareholders in the United Kingdom. They have a total of 1,378 branches that includes agencies. Its roots trace back to the UK by bringing together British businesses from Bradford & Bingley, Abbey, and Alliance & Leicester.

The company is handled autonomously in the UK and services only to UK businesses and individuals.

As a testament to its large reputation, they continuously maintained their quality of products starting from last year up to this year. Their innovations made them a big competitor to other businesses that benefited most of the customers. Their expertise and excellence made them continue to be at the top even when faced with tough competition.

Company aims

In a campaign to achieve a higher degree of excellence, the company has certain goals they try to accomplish to improve the bank.

– To change retail bank’s main focus towards the customers from the products. This shows how high they value their customers more than their profit from material gains.

– To grow their small to medium enterprises through acquiring several businesses that they plan to acquire this year. They want to be the #1 choice in terms of banking and to have a more diverse dynamic within their company.

– To continue their focus on efficiency and IT investment. They aim to do so with their £490 million planned investment from the past three years to continue giving their best in terms of customer service.

Company financial strategies

In order to achieve their goals, they follow several strategies to guide them.

– A considerate yet more effective approach to cater to the UK market.

– By offering savings rates that are competitive enough to attract potential clients and promote healthier businesses from their loyal customers.

– To rely more on long-term money market to continue strengthening the balance sheets.

Company Divisions

As the company grew, they have established 4 divisions that handle different specialties
– Retail banking. Handles an incredible range of products and financial services such as residential mortgages and savings.

– Corporate banking. Offers banking services primarily to United Kingdom companies that focuses on mid-corporate sectors.

– Markets. This is a financial market business that focused on giving services to financial organizations and the rest of the United Kingdom businesses of Santander. They are centered on two areas which are: Equity and a fixed income, the latter of which focuses on sales and trading-related duties for products with fixed income; equity, on the other hand, covers equity, commodities and property derivatives.

– Group infrastructure. It revolves on the management of Liability and Asset, which is accountable for all group capital of Santander and all of its subsidiaries, as well as the issues which cover risk management.

Check out their official website to know more information and other financial services that they offer.

Santander Online Banking Log On

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