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Understanding RBC Online Banking

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Royal Bank of Canada or RBC is the biggest financial institution in Canada based on its revenues, market capitalization, and deposits. Founded in 1864 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, RBC serves seventeen million clients from its many branches across the globe with 80, 100 employees. To date, it is recognized as a stable bank worldwide, bagging the 68th rank in the Forbes Global 2000.

RBC Online Banking Services – Operating in more than 51 countries, RBC has online banking services that cater to clients that prefer online transaction to physical, one of which is the RBC online banking. With this, clients worldwide can transfer funds from the office, view their account at home, and pay for their utility bills—all with just a few clicks from an Internet-enabled device. But aside from these, there are other helpful features that RBC offers to their clients from around the globe.

Secured Online Banking – RBC Royal Bank understands the importance of privacy and security of their clients. They offer the RBC Online Banking Security Guarantee, an assurance that if there is any unauthorized transaction that occurs through a customer’s RBC Online Banking Service, there will be a 100% refund equal to the loss associated with it.

Single Sign On- One useful feature of RBC Online Banking is it enables customers who have two accounts—U.S and Canadian—to manage them in a single sign on. This provides a fast and efficient banking experience to clients.

Interbank Transfer- As a widely known bank, RBC makes it possible for account holders to transfer funds not only from U.S to a Canadian account but also to many US-operating financial institutions, allowing their clients to effortlessly move funds from one account to the other.

E-statements – RBC cares not only for their clients but for the environment as well. With e-statements, account holders can review their statements, which include 24-month statement history, through their secure online banking login. This means that no printing of paper is required to view your past transactions, which helps reduce paper waste.

E-Bills- With this feature, a customer can receive electronic bills from participating service providers and vendors. The RBC online banking service also allows clients to set up a recurring or one-time payment to U.S retailers using the funds from their account. This is also possible in Canada as RBC also allows payments to vendors in that country.

Bill Reminders – RBC informs their clients through RBC online banking regarding bills that need to be paid plus viewing of scheduled payments and e-billers. This is ideal for clients who want to have reminders of the bills that need payment ASAP or the fees that need to be settled in given time.

Access Checks – Another useful feature of RBC online banking is it allows customers to check the images of the checks they have written for any kind of transaction. This is helpful for when clients need a copy of it. They can easily print them directly from their online account to a paper.

Are you curious what RBC Online Banking can do for you? Well, let me provide you with the details how to reap the benefits from RBC Online Banking!

RBC is the largest financial institution in Canada based on revenues, deposits and market capitalization. It has operations not just in Canada but also America and 51 other countries around the world.

With the commercialization of the Internet, RBC has decided it shouldn’t be left behind by its competitors and began to offer customer service via the web. RBC Online Banking enables its clients to perform business transactions that requires no physical presence, less effort and cost-effective. Within a few minutes, you will be able to directly manage your account and do online payment, money transfer and loan application just with the use of your Internet-enabled computer. Not to mention, you get the convenience of doing this right from the comforts of your home or anywhere you are in the world, 24/7.

If security is an issue, then RBC Online Banking is just right for you! Keeping your personal and banking information safe and secure is of great importance to RBC. In fact, it has developed an online banking security guarantee that will provide 100% reimbursement in the event there will be unauthorized online banking transaction.

Signing up is just easy and will take a couple of minutes! To start online banking with RBC, you simply need to provide your card number, account number, most recent credit card statement and mortgage payment information if applicable.

All you got to do is access the bank’s website, click the Sign In tab at the left area where online services are featured and follow the steps.  To finally sign up, you will be asked to enter some information to verify your identity. Likewise, you will need to answer some security questions for added protection at the same time, set up online banking profile. After this, you’re good to make online transactions with RBC.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and experience the convenience of  RBC Online Banking!

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