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Argos, Inc. is a well-known British retail store, currently the largest of its kind in the British Isles. Along with Homebase, they form what is known as the Home Retail Group. The main headquarters of Argos is in the city of Milton Keys in the county of Buckinghamshire. With over 800 stores, and with over thousands of brands to choose from, it is no secret that more than 130 million customers go to Argos in order to find the latest, the most affordable, and the best buys in the market today. In addition, the Argos website receives the most views while averaging 26% of the sales shares from its online retail store. With a work force of over 33,000 employees, Argos continues to serve the United Kingdom and Ireland with both sincerity and a smile, giving customers the most reliable and the most accessible retail service today.

Inside My Argos Card

My Argos Card is the most reliable complement to every Argos shopper. In fact, this credit card gives you better shopping opportunities than any other retail store. Signing up is easy; either go online, through phone, or through the nearest store and fill up the application form. Read the terms and conditions of the card in order to understand the privileges and rules in the use of the card. Once the application is successful, you can now use your My Argos Card for both online and in-store shopping.

Best Deals

One of the great advantages of using the My Argos Card is the ‘Pay Nothing’ period following store purchases. Any purchase from £99 up can entitle the shopper to a ‘Pay Nothing’ period of six months or longer. This means that there is no need for you to be charged for a succeeding purchase over a specific period of time.

In addition to these deals, the My Argos Card also offers the Interest Free Plan, the Buy Now Pay Later Plan, and the Normal Plan. The Interest Free Plan entitles shoppers to an interest-free payment for a full term in your plan; the Buy Now Pay Later Plan provides you opt-out interest options for select period of up to a year, while the Normal Plan gives you up to two months for full payment of your balance.

Insurance Benefits

The My Argos Card also entitles the user to the Card Protection Plan, where it provides the user compensation insurance for any loss, theft, credit card fraud, or other emergencies. By applying through this plan, customers are ensured of optimum replacements and other payments for any unforeseen circumstances. The card also has the Argos Coversafe Insurance, designed to protect your balance in case of not making ends meet due to accidents, illnesses and unemployment.

The My Argos Card is one of the best ways to enjoy shopping at Argos. Not only it has all the benefits equipped for the optimum shopping experience, but it also has insurance aids in order to put you back on track. The My Argos Card is a great complement to your wallet, and for your budget, helping you get the best buys in one swipe.

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