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All about Bank of America Online Banking

The Bank of America has been around for several decades now and their reputation resonates throughout the different parts of the United States resulting to their being one of the largest banks in the states. Their excellent banking services have been sought after and each account is an assurance of their undisputed security and stability, drawing more people to invest in their financial institution. Riding with the call of the modern times, the Bank of America has launched its online banking feature, making their services more accessible to their clients, anytime, and anywhere. With just a one-time signing up process, each client can enjoy the benefits of online banking, and more.

Instant Account Review

Perhaps one of the staple things about online banking is the advantage of getting to view in one’s account online. Unlike in the conventional banking scheme, online banking allows its clients to view their accounts anytime they would want to. Upon logging in to one’s account, the latter can be able to view the account balance, among others. This feature can get most convenient as long queues in the bank are to be gotten over with. Online viewing over BOA Online Banking may even be done over one’s smart phone, thus always being in the know as about his account information.

Heads-Up On Credit Card Account Activity

Having a credit card means having the bills at a particular time of the month. However, delays in billing or any other courier troubles may hinder the client from getting a heads-up on his or her payables and deadline, often leading to paying extra costs as penalties for the unexpected delay in payments. This should not happen with the BOA Online Banking. With constant heads-up on one’s credit card account activity and bills, there’s no reason to delay payment anymore. The same bills may also be paid online; another feature that makes it worth trying for.

Send Money, Pay Bills

If you ever missed out paying some bills, the same task may be done over a BOA Online Banking transaction. Although most people have been used to queuing in on utility, products and services payment in the actual payment centres, paying via online banking should be a great shift to better banking convenience. Aside from paying the bills, one may also wire in money transfer through this online banking means. Sending money to another account in the Bank of America should be done in a shift through their BOA Online Banking.

Safest Online Security Tool

Some people may be skeptic as towards this innovative mode of banking. Primary concern would always include account security as much as information security is. But with the BOA Online Banking, this kind of worry may be pointless. Having the most advanced technological security measures owing to their SiteKey and SafePass security software, the client should be secured in any online transaction with it. Falling victims into fraud or any other online security bleach should never be a worry. After all, every bank is directed towards this innovation, and Bank of America is just one of them.


Are you looking for ways to save time while doing bank transactions? Bank of America makes it possible just for you!

Bank of America is a multinational banking and financial services company that is considered as the third biggest company in the world, listed by Forbes in 2010. The bank is currently headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and continues to serve its clients in more than 150 countries around the world.

Today, the Bank of America is constantly striving to anticipate clients’ needs by creating innovating products and solutions giving customers real choices about how, when and where to manage finances through its Online Banking service that is now the largest in the world and named as the best consumer Internet bank in the US by Global Finance magazine.

The Bank of America Online Banking service enables you to do multiple transactions through your online account, worry-free. With only the use of your internet-enabled computer, you will be able to pay bills online, do money transfer, view your bank account and see up-to-date credit card activity! Not to mention, the transactions made with Bank of America Online Banking is safe and secured! It uses the most recent technology SiteKey to protect your identity and bank account information and fight against online fraud so you can now feel confident using its services anytime, anywhere.

And you know what’s more interesting? Monthly maintenance fees are waived in this online service so you will be able to do bank transactions without spending anything! Indeed, banking is fast, easy and secured with Bank of America!

You must have an account with Bank of America like a checking account or a credit card to enrol in Online Banking. To enrol, enter your ATM or check card number, PIN, SSN and email address or TIN.  You have to read and agree with the terms and conditions to continue with the enrolment process. Further on, you will be asked to create a user ID and passcode, SiteKey and answer a security question before you confirm your enrolment. You can immediately use your online banking account once you complete the process and it’s readily available.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for your statement to arrive in the mail. Use Bank of America’ Online Banking to view and track your accounts anytime!

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