Find Your Check Routing Number

You can see the check routing number for checking account checks in the image below. The number is in the same place for all types of bank accounts that allow you to write a check: checking account, savings account, money market account, brokerage account, business account… You get it…

The checking account is the most common financial account, but it is not the only one that uses a check routing number. All bank accounts use the check routing number: checking account, savings account, brokerage account, interest checking account, interest free checking account, etc.

Check Routing Number

Check Routing Number

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Account Number and Routing Number on Check

Now to find the account number AND the routing number on a check, you can go to the very next number on the check. By that, I mean the number directly to the right of the routing number is the account number on a check.

So, it should be pretty easy to look at the picture above and find the routing number and then the account number.


More about Check routing numbers can be found here on wikipedia.

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